Strict Blood Pressure Control Could Help Make Stroke Care Safer

Blood pressure control is vital for so many different reasons. In today’s article, HealthDay News focuses on the benefits and costs of stroke patients. It touches on the fact that bleeding in the brain is one of the major side effects of doing so but may offset blood pressure as a whole. It discusses a study recently done but does not go into details about said study or link to the study directly. Please always consult your doctor when it comes to your blood pressure.

Key Takeaways:

  • Patients who take clot-busting drugs for various reasons have a higher chance of experiencing brain bleeds.
  • Researchers began an experiment with patients to see if lowering their top blood pressure number below 140 would decrease their risk of brain bleeds.
  • Nothing conclusive could be made regarding the clot-busting drugs. It appears that the risk of brain bleeds before the drugs lowering your number below 140 was riskier.

“more intensive blood pressure control than is currently recommended has the potential to make [clot-busting] treatment safer, by reducing the risk of serious bleeding in the brain.”

Source: MedicineNet

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