Medical Weight Loss Program

Overweight or obesity affects 74% of the population in Bermuda but losing weight can be hard. Having a lower body weight can increase energy and overall wellness, as well as reduce the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and many others chronic illnesses. If you’ve struggled to achieve lasting weight loss, our medical weight loss program can give you the tools you need to lose weight and keep it off.

In our medically supervised weight loss program, it’s not uncommon for patients to lose 25+ pounds within a 30 day period without feeling fatigued and without the hunger associated with many diets.

Medically supervised weight loss is different from many of the fad diets you see out there. Our proven weight loss program involves doctors monitoring your health as they design a diet and fitness regimen that will help you shed the pounds without endangering your health.

You can lose the pounds you want and feel great knowing that you’re on the path of having a healthy body.

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