Endocrinology and Diabetes Care

Having a multidisciplinary team of renowned experts focused on your health is the start of renewed health and improved living. Our comprehensive endocrinology care provides specialized treatment for the full range of diseases of the glands and hormones. We use a variety of approaches, including medical, pharmaceutical, emotional and lifestyle management techniques to help you feel better and get your life back.

Our experienced medical team has years of experience in successfully treating diseases of the glands and hormones of the body. The endocrine system plays a major role in many, diverse body functions. You can often suffer from several disorders which is why we develop a treatment customized to each patient’s case.

Our services include:

  • Treatment for diabetes: Type 1 & Type 2
  • Diabetes Education
  • Treatment for adrenal disorders
  • Treatment for pituitary disorders
  • Thyroid Nodules
  • Thyroid Cancer
  • Treatment for osteoporosis and metabolic bone disease

As a top-notch diabetes center in Bermuda, our clinic provides diabetes care and endocrinology care that specializing treatment for body hormones and glands diseases. Contact us now!

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday
8.00 AM – 5.00 PM


  • 38 King Street, Hamilton HM 12, Bermuda
  • info@premierhealth.bm
  • 441-292-5111

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