Keto Diet


Popularly known as “Keto Diet”, it is a low-carb, high-fat diet that can make you burn more fat faster compared to any other diet. Aside from weight loss, it can also greatly improve your overall health and performance. Many doctors from all over the world recommend keto diet to their patients.

Most people starve themselves in order to lose weight. In a keto diet, you no longer need to deprive yourself of food. A keto diet can make you lose excess body fat without feeling famished! Also, it can help reverse type 2 diabetes.

Understanding Keto

In a ketogenic diet, the word “keto” allows your body to manufacture “ketones”. Ketones are minute fuel molecules that serve as an alter- native fuel source for your body. Ketones are used when there’s a shortage of glucose (blood sugar) in your body.

If you ingest very few grams of carbohydrates and a moderate amount of protein, your body will start to produce ketones. Ketones are produced from your liver and they fuel the entire body, especially your brain.

Ketones are produced when your body will undergo ketosis. It is a natural process your body willfully initiates when your food intake is low. The keto diet won’t starve you with calories but it will starve your body with carbohydrates.

Weight Loss

The number one reason why people undergo a Keto diet is that they want to lose weight. The keto diet uses fat as an energy source instead of sugar. It’s pretty obvious that you will definitely lose weight. All the excess fat will be used to power your body. Your body will a fat-burning machine 24/7 once your insulin, the fat-storing hormone, levels will drop immensely.

Mental Clarity and Focus

There are quite a number of people who are on a keto diet for the sole purpose of increasing their mental performance. Did you know that when your body runs on ketones as fuel, you are avoiding big spikes on your blood sugar thus improving your mental focus and concentration?

The main reason why ketones are good for your mental clarity and focus is that ketones trigger the expression of BDNF. BDNF is the protein known as the Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor. It acts on neurons all throughout the nervous system. It supports the survival of the existing neurons while helps the growth and differentiation of new neurons and their neural connections.

BDNF helps improve the functions of the cortex, hippocampus, and the basal forebrain. The basal forebrain is where learning, memory, and higher thinking happen.

Improves Skin Conditions

When you switch to a ketogenic diet, you can notice and experience improvements on your skin. Switching to a low-carb diet can drop lesions and skin inflammations. Another probability is, your acne will or grow or worsen when you eat too many carbohydrates. In this case, a keto diet can definitely help.

It can also be advantageous if you lower down your dairy intake when you have acne problems. You also need to follow a strict morning and bedtime skincare regimen every day.

Also, without high levels of insulin in your body and increase the intake of the good green food items, your skin will definitely glow. Your body will be able to generate new cells that are healthy because of all the good stuff you’re eating and less of the devil’s foods.

Controls Blood Sugar Levels

Keto diet can help naturally lower your blood sugar levels because of the types of food that you’re eating. Numerous studies have proven that the keto diet is a more effective way to control, manage, and even prevent diabetes compared to other low-cal diets.

If you have Type II diabetes, you definitely need to do a keto diet.

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